Privacy Policy and Cookies

A cookie is data that a website may ask your browser to store on your computer. It is reloaded the next time you visit a site so that the page can be adjusted to be more relevant.

This site does not make use of that kind of cookie.

This site may use 'session cookies' and other mechanisms to retain application data to create a seamless experience. Information held in this way does not include personal data and only includes information generated by the application. This data is usually discarded when you close your browser.

This site will sometimes store identity information where necessary to provide access to a personal account. For that to happen a visitor would need to 'sign up' for an account. Currently (November 2012) there are no personal account applications available here.

This site may store anonymous user input data for the purpose of improving the applications found here.

Usage data and site metrics - including the IP address of the accessing computer - is routinely stored by the host server and is available to Pantomimepony.

This site uses third party applications - including statistics capture - for the purpose of monitoring use of the site; displaying adverts; and providing links to social networks. Any cookies stored by these applications are outside the control of Pantomimepony.

Google and Amazon - Pantomimepony's primary advertising providers - will commonly track users across sites displaying their adverts. This feature can be disabled on their main sites - but be aware that to do so will require them to do some kind of tracking so they know not to track you! Confusing, huh? Your browser software may allow cookies to be blocked and - if it does - this is a better method although things like shopping carts will stop working.

If the storage of the data outlined on this page is of concern to you, please discontinue your use of the site. No option to turn off cookies is provided as this would require the kind of cookie intended to be turned off. The cookie would also be the only one used to store specific user persistent data across the entire site.

Please note that your continued use of the site implies your consent to allow information to be stored as outlined above.